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法國製弓名家,French Bow Makers



涵蓋法國近兩百五十餘年來,蓋棺論定的105位製弓名家. 除了簡潔精闢地介紹每一位的生平及作品風格外,更附上140餘支名弓超過700張精美珍貴的照片。

This book contains 105 famous French bow makers during the past 250 years in French history. Altogether more than 140 bows and 700 high resolution photos are included.


The publication of this new book is a historical milestone. Musicians, amateurs, and enlightened collectors will find that this wonderful book sheds a new light on the work of French bow makers over three centuries. I am convinced it will provide each reader with insightful information to extend their knowledge and satisfy their passion.
Pierre Guillaume

奇美博物館顧問 鐘岱廷 推薦。
上海音樂院 華天礽教授 推薦。詳情 More

作者 呂元富

在巴黎的Sandrine RAFFIN工作室接受琴弓維修訓練與法國圖爾的Gilles DUHAUT工作室接受法國傳統製弓訓練之後, 他前往比利時布魯塞爾的製弓大師Pierre GUILLAUME工作室持續進行法國弓的維修與歷史研究。

Anton LU

Anton LU, currently has his workshop in Taipei, has received bow restoration training at Sandrine RAFFIN’s workshop in Paris and bow making courses at Gilles DUHAUT’s workshop in Tours, France. He then furthered his studies in French bow expertise in Pierre GUILLAUME’s workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

Pierre Guillaume and Anton

作者在布魯塞爾名製弓師Pierre Guillaume門下研修